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Attract More Quality Fee-For-Service New Patients and Get Found by Them!

Dental Marketing

Neat, fresh, professional and aesthetic dental websites that are easy to use that create a quality representation of your dental practice!

Internet marketing campaigns that get your practice found and known online, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords and Social Media strategies!

Targeted direct mail campaigns to drive quality, fee-for-service new patients to your office!

Patient newsletter campaigns that increase your production and grow your practice!

In addition to providing results-driven marketing campaigns for our clients, we get all of them trained in effective case presentation techniques and marketing basics as well. Most of our clients experience very rapid practice growth, with many of them doubling and tripling their dental practices in short time. Please call or email for details on how to get started.

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"We are getting quality new patients, ones that care about their teeth and are not insurance driven."

"Galaxy Marketing Solutions has really gone beyond what other marketing companies would do.

"A lot of marketing companies, just rely on making you a “nice” postcard or what you think will work. What is really different about Galaxy is that they are a research based company. They look at your particular situation, your particular desires, what you are looking for, and they research it, and they create a personalized marketing campaign for you. I think that’s what really works.

"The new patient experience has been amazing. I was going from 1-2 patients a month to almost THIRTY a month. This has been only in the 2nd month of campaigning. We used to have the problem of “Where are we going to get enough patients? We don’t have enough!” Now I have “WHERE are we going to put them?” It’s a great problem to have!"

-Virginia Ellis, DDS (www.orindadentist.com)

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Jyrki Ikonen

"It is our mission to help you reach your business goals, create prosperity for yourself and for those around you and to help you expand beyond your wildest imagination!"

Jyrki Ikonen, Co-Founder and CEO of Galaxy Marketing Solutions

Galaxy Marketing Solutions

It is our mission to help you reach your business goals, to create prosperity for yourself and those around you, and to help you expand your dental practice beyond your wildest imagination. Our marketing solutions can help you. Find out more today.

Dental Marketing & Websites

Our dental websites use cutting edge technology. By using our unique marketing technology and the latest in web design techniques, we provide you with a website that works on any media device, from desktop computers, to tablets and smartphones. To learn more about our websites, visit our portfolio page.

Every Dental Practice is Different

A dental office is unique and has it’s own personality. Some focus on friendly and caring treatment, others concentrate on professionalism and state-of-the-art equipment, and spas just want to pamper their clients. We pride ourselves in expressing the uniqueness in all the marketing we do for our clients. You will never find cookie-cutter templates with us. We handcraft our promotional campaigns with fresh designs and tailor-made copy, tailored for that client.

Whatever it is that makes your office unique, we will communicate that to potential new patients through your promotion and branding.

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"I have gotten over 9,734 quality new patients from my marketing campaigns. Our marketing works!"

Susan D Wells, DMD, Co-Founder of Galaxy Marketing Solutions

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